Purchase of license for one computer and adaption of the program to the client's needs
    a)  With playlist generator
    b)  With easy handling access
    c)  With MP3 player
    d)  Program testing

    950 €
    Large rebates for bulk purchases

Cost for recordings and preperations
  • The cost for recording goes by the hour and depends on the amount of data like
    a) Number of objects
    b) Number of anouncements 
    c) Number of second objects. 

    It depends on the fee for speakers and studio work.

  • It depends on the costs for transforming of audio data into MP3.
  • It depends further on time for installation of data at the client's computers
  • Seminars for client's staff. 

The estimate costs for recording and preparation usually lies in the range of 900 - 1.500 € at 50 - 100 objects and 3 languages.

The total costs are about     1.850 - 2.450 €.

Prices do not include local taxes.

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